ALEX DUNAI Tour guide.

Alex Dunai and his small team are experts on unique, individually tailored tours in Ukraine and neighboring countries. We will be happy to customize a private tour that addresses your unique interests in Ukraine and surroundings. At your request prior to your trip there can be done a thorough genealogical research by professional genealogists Alex & Natalie Dunai.

We provide only reliable, comfortable, fully airconditioned modern vehicles. While you are traveling in a car or a van enjoying site seeing, your guide is giving you in a casual and pleasant manner lectures on history, culture, literature, etc. We know what we are talking about. We don't tell you nonsense. Your questions are important. None of your questions remains without attention.

If you are tired of information, you don't need to stop your guide's talking. The guide has a good sense of what and when is appropriate. Your guide is always patient and never annoyed nor annoying. Never stuff you with a bunch of unnecessary information that you forget a minute after you hear it.

When you interview witnesses or local old timers in your ancestral town, you can rely on the highest quality translation into English from Ukrainian, Polish and Russian languages, performed not just by a multi-lingual speaker, but by a mature person who is an expert, has a life experience and deep understanding of local dialects, culture and traditions. Interviewing is our special skill.

When you would like to stop for a photo opportunity, or see something interesting, or for no particular reason, our driver stops at the closest safe place as many times as you wish and as long as it doesn't hurt your plans. We keep a track of time and follow the itinerary, but if its necessary to sacrifice some things in order to bring more satisfaction to our client, we don't hesitate to do that. Flexibility is our slogan.

We are familiar with all the hotels in Ukraine and many hotels in neighboring countries. We make reservations and provide our recommendations on which accomodations to choose based on individual requirements and budget of each customer. We take a good care of our clients and never let them find themselves in dangerous situations. Safety and reliability is our policy. All you need is to buy airplane tickets - we'll take care of everything else. All the tours are a subject of negotiation. Contact Alex Dunai by email and discuss your plans and itinerary. Sometimes correspondence and discussions last for months. This is normal. We are perfectionists.